MIPSE : Modeling of Interconnected Power SystEms

The MIPSE framework (Modeling of Interconnected Power Systems) aims to develop a multi-level and multi-method simulation platform dedicated to low and average frequency computational electromagnetics. MIPSE is the property of CNRS, Univ. Grenoble Alpes and Grenoble INP and is developed by the researcher of the MAGE group of G2ELAB.

Based on their experience from the development of FLUX suite, researchers and engineers from MAGE group of G2ELAB have begun to develop this new generation of electromagnetic solver in 2006. The framework enables

The platform now exceeds 100,000 lines of code and is developed in Java. This accessible and modular technology allows to consider its deployment beyond the laboratory. It is hosted by the Gitlab forge of GRICAD.

The platform is supported by the ALTAIR company. Commercial versions of the platform will be soon embedded in FLUX software and have already been used by DGA, DCNS and Schneider Electric.

Mipse Illustration

Involved G2ELAB Researchers :

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